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About Us

DC is a multimedia Company since 2008. We specializes in presenting clients’ messages to their audience in the most cost effective way and providing a total one-stop solution including but not limited to exceptional video production, photography, graphic design, web design and event management. We believe our all-in-one services not only can convey our clients’ messages, but also maximize communication effectiveness.

From generating big ideas to captivating designs and broadcast quality productions, we provide comprehensive and customized services. With decades of hands-on experience in multimedia production, we have brought together some of the best people in the industry and pride ourselves on the high standards we put in all our work.

The mysterious quality that makes something excel in the marketplace is often intangible, and how people connect and convey this quality differs significantly. We offer our clients the most up-to-date strategies and to help making their business and campaign better. The nature of our work is conception, development and implementation. We make connections and distilling information into its essence, and to ship innovation.

Today, we live and work in an age shaped and formed by empowered customers and the ever advancing and emerging influence of technology. Customers have unlimited access to information and can instantly share it with the world. Companies must formulate a response to this growing trend and to influence choice in this new era. We all can tell a strong branding management is invaluable. However, getting the word out about the company to potential customers and long-term clients is hard sometimes. Without the right combination of company branding and promotion, many businesses struggle to gain a foothold in the market. DC Creative is dedicated to make each client as successful as it can be.